Customer Contact Center

Müşteri İletişim Merkezi

Banking transactions are very easy with Customer Contact Center.

You can perform your banking transactions by phone on a 24/7 basis with Ziraat Katılım Bankası Customer Contact Center at 0 850 220 50 00. 


Transactions that can be Performed from Customer Contact Center

Giving Debit Card Password
Internet Banking & Mobile Application
Security Transactions
Sim Unblocking
Security Restriction Update


In order to keep your personal security and confidentiality at the highest level, we would like to remind you, our valued customers, that you should also consider some points:

  • There may be fraudsters who call you and introduce themselves as lawyers, police, prosecutors, bankers, insurers. Do not believe any person who asks you for any information written on your card, your card's password, your Katılım Mobil or internet branch password, and who wants you to type them and end the call.

  • During your interviews, make sure that you are not monitored or listened to by any suspicious individuals who may be around you.

  • Do not accept the offer of people who want to help you by giving their own phones.

We may need to reach you in important situations. For this reason, you should make sure that your mobile phone and e-mail information is always up to date in our bank records.

Frequently Asked Questions

You must apply to our nearest branch to update your personal information.

Live Reply

Instant Access

You can reach our customer representative on a 24/7 basis via Live Reply channel by logging in to our Katılım Mobil application. You can obtain information about our products and services in writing from our customer representative and send your lost/stolen card notification.