Barrier-Free Banking

Ziraat Katılım Bankası continues to develop barrier-free banking practices to facilitate the access of disabled customers to banking services.

  • Within the scope of barrier-free banking studies, sign language trainings have been delivered to our bank’s staff to strengthen the communication with our disabled customers

  • Braille alphabet information board: In this way, barrier free banking transactions of our visually impaired customers is performed.

  • e-Training: The e-training platform of Ziraat Katılım Bankası, which was prepared to get to know the disabled customers and raise more awareness for them, was made available to all the staff and sign language training was delivered to our employees.

  • System infrastructure studies: Our system infrastructure studies, which will enable our disabled customers to be offered various transaction conveniences, priorities and advantages, have been completed and put into practice.

  • Our customers who are disabled and over 70-year-old can get privileged sequence numbers from our queue ticket dispensers.

  • With the palpable walking surface applied within the branch, it was ensured that visually impaired customers are guided.

  • Ramp practice facilitates the access of our orthopedically disabled customers to the branch.

  • Branch entrances are made suitable for our orthopedically disabled customers.

  • Our disabled customers are provided with easier access to the customer representative with the help of a call button.

Arrangements for Our Orthopedically Disabled Customers

Our ATMs for orthopedic handicapped people established at our Bursa branch and İZU Halkalı Campus are available for our customers.

ATMs for orthopedically handicapped people can be used without additional charge.


Arrangements for Our Visually Impaired Customers

For our customers who are visually impaired or have difficulty seeing, the "voice menu" application activated by the headphone jack was put into practice at all ATMs. Our bank's customers can perform "Balance Inquiry", "Withdrawal", "Deposit" transactions and other banks’ customers can perform transactions included in ICC joint transaction set.

Our bank's voice menus are accessible via all our ATMs.

  • The voice transaction menu is activated if headphones are plugged in.
  • ATM screen is automatically dimmed in the voice menu application that is started by plugging in a headphone.
  • If headphones are removed during the transaction, the transaction ends and the card is returned.
  • Information such as warnings, directions, confirmation and error messages are read aloud during the transaction.
  • The volume can be adjusted by our customers with the sound repetition feature in the voice menu.
  • The transactions are carried out with the help of voice guidance and embossed keys.
  • In order to make it easier for our visually impaired customers to choose, keying times are kept long in IVR.

  • Our mobile branch has been made compatible with screen reader programs for our visually impaired customers.

  • Chat channel (online correspondence) service where our hearing-impaired customers can receive services from mobile branch and perform their transactions has been put into practice.