Information About Customer Communication Center

Dear Valued Customer,

We would like to inform you about our new security processes to enable us to continue your transactions through our Customer Communication Center at 0850 220 5000 as of 18.12.2020 with regard to the legislative regulations implemented in accordance with the Regulation on Information Systems of Banks and Electronic Banking Service.

When you call our Customer Communication Center, firstly you will be requested to verify your identity by entering your Turkish ID number, customer number or card number. After you entering one of these information, the voice response system will direct you to one of the following identity authentication steps, depending on the transaction you would like to make.

At the identity authentication step in the voice response system,

You will be requested to enter one of your Card PIN, Internet Branch / Katılım Mobil password or Katılım Anahtar according to transaction you would like to make.

After completing the first authentication successfully, you will be required to complete following transactions as the second authentication.

    • If you use our Katılım Mobil app and your device is activated, after you confirm notification sent via Katılım Mobil
    • or if you do not use our Katılım Mobil app, after you enter SMS Confirmation Password sent to your mobile number registered in our Bank you may continue to do your transactions with our customer representative.

You will be able to receive or set your Card PIN, Internet Branch / Katılım Mobil password and Katılım Anahtar as required to make those transactions over the voice response system.

If you cannot complete the authentication processes above; you will be able to receive support from our customer representative, to report lost or stolen card and suspicious transaction and receive overall information about our application and products.

Your mobile phone registered at our Bank must be up-to-date in order to receive Confirmation with a one-time SMS Verification Password / Notification.

If your mobile number is not up-to-date, you may update it from our nearest branch.

Please do not share your password with anybody for the security of your personal information.

We wish you healthy days.