Ziraat Katılım Bankası A.Ş. Cookie Policy

Your privacy is important for us, your rights to privacy and security are our fundamental principle.

Our Bank has taken the necessary measures by maintaining its system and internet infrastructure at the highest security level to ensure confidentiality of our Customers’ personal information.

Cookies are identification files which websites leave on your computers. They are used to enable websites identify you and offer customized services for you. 

There are two types of cookies as Persistent Cookie and Session Cookie, according to their validity periods. Session cookies are temporary cookies generated at your visit to the website and are valid on your browser only until you close the website. Persistent cookies are generated when you visit a website and stay until you delete, or they expire. Persistent cookies are used for performing processes as offering a customized experience compatible with your settings.

Our Web site uses session and persistent type cookies to distinguish you from other users of our web site and make arrangements in accordance with your interests and preferences.

Cookies with the main purpose to provide convenience for the users are classified under 4 main groups:

  • Session Cookies: are cookies enabling to benefit from various features as carrying information between websites and remembering systematically information entered by the user and are necessary for functions of the website to operate properly. 
  • Performance Cookies: Cookies collect information on frequency of visits to pages, potential error messages, total time the users spend on the relevant page along with designs of use of the site and they are used for the purpose of increasing performance of the website.
  • Functional Cookies: are the cookies which enable reminding the choices preferred previously to make it convenient for the user and intend to provide advanced internet features to the users within the scope of website
  • Advertisement and Third-Party Cookies:  are the cookies of third- party suppliers and enable using some functions of website and advertisement monitoring.

Purposes of using the cookies being used by our Bank are as the following:

  • Operational-Purpose Uses: Our Bank may use cookies enabling the use of functions in this site and determining irregular behaviors for administration of its systems and maintaining its security.
  • Functionality-oriented Uses: Our Bank may use cookies reminding users’ information and previous selections to facilitate use of its systems and ensure user-specific using features.
  • Performance-oriented Uses: Our Bank may use cookies evaluating and analyzing interactions with the sent messages and user behaviors for increasing and measuring performance of its systems.
  • Advertisement Purpose Uses: Our Bank may use cookies for sending advertisements and such contents through our Bank’s or third parties’ systems within the scope of the fields of interests of the users, measuring effectiveness of advertisements or analyzing click status.

You may control or delete cookies as you wish. Cookie use is pre-defined and selected in many browsers and users may change this selection status from browser settings and accordingly delete current cookies and refuse future use of cookies. In case use of Cookie is canceled, there may be a possible of not being able to use some features in the Bank systems.

Method of changing choice of cookie use depends on the browser type and may be learned at any time from the service provider.

Information and Materials in Website

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