Debit Card

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What is a Debit Card?

The debit card is a payment instrument opened for customers by our bank and allows shopping and withdrawal transactions within the limits given to current accounts and determined on a daily basis.

Why Should I Get A Debit Card?

  • Thanks to its contactless feature, you can carry out your shopping transactions to 750 TRY and below quickly and securely without the need to enter password.
  • You can perform your Shopping and withdrawal transactions at home and abroad safely with the password generated for the card.
  • Secure shopping is possible through the internet.

Where is a Debit Card Used?

The debit card is valid at all workplaces that accept Mastercard and Visa throughout the world.

  • You can learn your account balance information, withdraw money, deposit money, make foreign exchange and gold purchase/sale transactions, learn exchange rate information, make Motor Vehicles Tax and bill payments, change your password and make your IBAN inquiries from Ziraat Katılım Bankası ATMs.
  • You can withdraw money from all ATMs abroad with the logo (Mastercard, Maestro) on the card.
  • You can shop at all merchants with the logo on the card at home and abroad.
  • Thanks to the contactless feature of our chip cards, you can do shopping quickly and securely.
  • You can shop securely through internet.
  • You can perform your contactless shoppings of 750 TRY and below without entering a password.

How can I Apply for a Debit Card?

  • You can apply for a debit card with your identity information through our branches.
  • You can request a quick card through our branches quickly and instantly.
  • If you are not our customer, you can become a customer of our bank with Become a Customer and request a card via our website.


Channels By Which A Debit Card Applications Can Be Made

Access Your Cards At Any Time
Access Your Cards At Any Time
You can access your cards anytime, anywhere with Katılım Mobil application.  

Frequently Asked Questions

You can apply for a debit card through our bank branches.

No fee such as annual membership fee or usage fee is charged for our bank’s debit cards.

You can receive your debit card from our branch which you selected for receipt during the application.

If you have a balance in your main account your card is linked, you can do shopping using your card password at the workplaces that have the logo on your card.

You can withdraw money from ATMs with the logo on your card and shop abroad with your debit card. Accounts other than the main account linked to your card cannot be displayed at ATMs abroad. Therefore, to withdraw money from ATMs abroad and do shopping with your debit card, the account with your balance must be the main account linked to your bank card.

You can use your debit card abroad without any application.

You can create your debit card password through our Customer Contact Center number 0850 220 5000.

If you forget your debit card password, you can change your password through our Customer Contact Center number 0850 220 5000.