Instant Transfer (FAST)

Kolay Adres EN V2

Instant Transfer (FAST) with Your Easy Address 

With Instant Transfer (FAST -  Instant and Continuous Transfer System of Funds), you can transfer funds 24/7 with your mobile phone, e-mail address, Turkish ID number, passport or tax ID number without needing an account number or IBAN.
All you have to do is match your IBAN code with your Easy Address from Internet Branch, Mobile Branch or our branches.

What is an Easy Address?

Instant and Continuous Transfer System of Funds (FAST) is a service developed by the Central Bank of Turkey that allows to transfer funds 24/7 to mobile phone, e-mail address, Turkish ID Number, Foreign ID Number, Tax ID AND Passport Number instead of an IBAN.

Frequently Asked Questions

In order to use this service, you must match at least one of the following addresses defined in our banking system called Easy Address with your IBAN code. 

  1. Mobile Phone 
  2. E-mail 
  3. Turkish ID Number
  4. Foreign ID Number
  5. Tax ID Number
  6. Passport Number

You can easily define your Easy Address from Katılım Mobile, Internet Branch Money Transfers - My Easy Addresses page or from our branches.

There can be only one IBAN defined for each of your address. The last IBAN you have matched to your address is considered as your Easy Address. 

You can define the same IBAN to your different Easy Addresses.

You can view, update and delete the Easy Addresses you have defined from My Easy Addresses screen under Money Transfers menu on the Internet Branch and Katılım Mobile, or from our Branches.  

You can make a money transfer from the Instant Fund Transfer (FAST) screen 24/7 at any time. 

Instant Fund Transfer (FAST) transactions reach the recipient bank immediately.

You can make money transfer from the Instant Transfer (FAST) screen to an IBAN and to your Easy Addresses 24/7. 

There is no charge for Instant Fund Transfer (FAST).