Bizi Tanıyın

We care confidentiality and security of personal information and, we follow our most advanced and current precautions and update our systems.

In order to keep your personal security and confidentiality at the highest level, we would like to remind you that you should also consider some points:

  • Pay particular attention to e-mail, SMS and website referrals you suspect may be counterfeit. Do not click on the links and do not open the attachments the source of which you are not sure of.

  • With this type of fraud attempt, fraudsters can get your credentials or password with which you login to fake websites and access your internet and mobile banking information and transfer money from your accounts


At Ziraat Katılım Bankası, we attach importance to your security:

  • We do not in any way request your personal information, such as key words or passwords.

  • We do not redirect to our website by sending SMS or e-mail in any way. Please do not respond to such SMS and e-mails sent to you and do not share your personal information.

Pay Attention To Your Safety

  • You can access Ziraat Katılım Internet Branch by clicking the Internet Branch access at,

  • Do not login to Internet Branch via computers in places such as internet cafes open for common use.

  • Do not try to access our Internet Branch by clicking on a link that comes via e-mail and messaging programs or by clicking a link above even if they are the people you know.

  • When you have completed your transactions, use the "Secure Exit" button to leave the Internet Branch.

  • Use only licensed operating system and keep your web browser up to date. Malware uses the vulnerabilities in outdated operating systems and browsers.

  • Do not open the attached files that arrive through e-mails from people you do not know.

  • It is very important to use an anti-virus program, a spyware program (anti spyware – anti malware) and a firewall software in order to protect you against possible attacks, as well as for the detection and removal of potential vulnerabilities during internet use. Some security software includes all these three features. While spyware programs protect your computer against spyware trying to collect your internet usage information, firewall software prevents programs on your computer from connecting to the internet without your knowledge.

  • Keep the database of your anti-virus software up to date. Scan your computer for viruses periodically.

  • Keep your personal information confidential. Be careful with people who request information such as your date of birth, identification number,

  • Do not keep your customer number and password in the same place, do not write them down and do not send them by e-mail in any way.

  • Do not share your password with anyone, including our Bank and Customer Contact Center employees.

  • Make sure that your password is not easily predictable (including your birth year, etc.).

  • Change your password at periodic intervals.

  • Do not enter your security information by clicking the e-mail links.

  • Keep your internet services access details such as e-mails confidential.

  • Ziraat Katılım Bankası does not have any password transactions done via e-mail and does not request your personal information.

  • Do not try to access Katılım Mobil by clicking on a link that comes via e-mail and messaging programs or by clicking a link above even if

  • It is extremely important to use a power-on password on your mobile phone, so that your phone is not used by others in case your mobile phone is stolen or falls into the hands of others. In this way, 3rd persons will not be able to use the applications on your mobile phone without your knowledge.

  • Activate your phone's lock or key lock feature. Enable the password feature, if available, to unlock. These applications ensure your safety and prevent anyone except you from using your phone.

  • Bluetooth must be turned off on your mobile phone during your use of Katılım Mobil application. Turning off Bluetooth application will enable you to perform more secure transactions while using Katılım Mobil application. Do not accept files you don't know the source and reliability via Bluetooth.

  • When you have completed your transactions, use the "Secure Exit" button to exit Katılım Mobil.

  • You should not seek help from anyone while making transactions at ATM.

  • While entering the password after inserting your card in our ATMs, you should make sure that your password is not seen by others.

  • You should not leave the ATM until your transaction is completed.

  • If your card gets stuck at ATM, you can stop the usage of your card by calling our Customer Contact Center at 0850 220 50 00.

What We Offer For Your Security

In order to take advantage of Internet Branch, the user must be identified by the system by going through some security steps. You perform your authentication by introducing yourself to the system with your customer number, password and SMS verification password.

It is a security measure taken to increase the security of transactions during your transactions via Internet Branch.

Thanks to the "Remember Me" in Katılım Mobil application, you can log into the Internet Branch within the time specified through the Mobile Notification received on your device with the single password you will define.

In order for the Mobile Notification to reach, your Notifications permission must be turned on in Katılım Mobil application of your device.

If you have more than one device you have defined with the "Remember Me" feature, you can select your device among the registered devices that you will use during the login with your Mobile Notification.

Information messages are sent to your mobile phone registered as the contact phone for transactions over certain amounts performed through our Internet Branch. In this way, you can be aware of all transactions made through Internet Branch.

In order to prevent fishing attacks targeting Internet Banking customers, use of Security Picture is applied during login to Internet Branch.

SSL security certificate is used in your internet branch sessions.

SSL is a security protocol developed by Netscape to ensure security and confidentiality during the information transfer through the network.

SSL ensures that the information sent can be decrypted absolutely and only at the right address. Information is automatically encrypted before it is sent and can only be decrypted by the correct recipient. Confidentiality and integrity of the transaction and information are protected by verifying on both sides.

During your Internet Banking session, if you do not perform transactions within the time granted to you, a warning window will appear and you will be asked if you wish to continue with the transactions. You will be logged out if you do not respond to this window within the time granted to you or if you click the logout option. If you choose to proceed with the transactions, your session will continue.

Thanks to Card Copy Prevention device at all our ATMs (CPK), electromagnetic protection field is created in card reader region and copying of the cards is prevented.

You can make limitations and restrictions based on transaction limit, transaction restriction, access time and access definition (IP, ISP, domestic, international) with your Internet Branch security settings.

Mobile phone information can be defined or updated only at our Branches for security reasons.

When your mobile phone number or SIM card changes, you are required to visit your Branch as soon as possible and update your mobile phone number.

What is Katılım Anahtar?

Katılım Anahtar is used to fort he purpose of security verification in digital channels. Katılım Anahtar is information sprecial for you, which you can change.
Due to legal regulatin as of 01.01.2021, ID information such as “mother’s maiden name” shall not be used for security verification.

Where to Use Katılım Anahtar?

As of 01.01.2021, if you forget your Internet Branch/Katılım Mobil paasword, you can use it to set a new password via Forgot Password module.
When you become a customer of our bank, you can use it to set a new Internet Branch/Katılım Mobil paasword via Get A Paasword module.

How is Katılım Anahtar generated?

Our customers with no Katılım Anahtar will be requested to generate a Katılım Anahtar during the first login to Internet Branch/Katılım Mobil.
Both our Retail and Corporate customers are required to set a Katılım Anahtar.
For your safety, please do not share your Katılım Anahtar with anyone including our bank’s personel.

What should I do when I forgot Katılım Anahtar?

When you log in our Internet Branch/Katılım Mobil application and, you may re-set via menu.