Changes in Notifications Transmitted by E-mail

Dear Our Valued Customer,

We would like to inform you about the changes that will take place with the legislative regulation regarding the Regulation on Information Systems of the Banks and Electronic Banking Services, which will be implemented on January 1, 2021.

With this change to be imposed by the legal regulation, a regulation was made to access and display personal and financial information such as sensitive data or confidential data such as bank statements, receipts, account statements via electronic banking channels instead of transmitting them via e-mail. 

You can easily access your data such as bank statement, receipt and account statement by logging into our Katılım Mobile app or Internet Branch instead of e-mail channel so that your personal data or information belonging to your account is not made available or disclosed to unauthorized persons in order to avoid risks such as scams and fraud. If you are using an e-mail service provider located abroad, we recommend that you follow your information such as bank statement, receipt and account statement through our electronic banking channels due to the risk that your sensitive and financial information in these documents may be transmitted abroad.

Notifications sent by e-mail:

If you are willing to be contacted via your e-mail address in order to receive your information including all types of bank statement, receipt, account statement containing sensitive data or confidential data, your e-mail address registered in our Bank's system must be verified.

To verify your e-mail address and to send your consent to receive notification via e-mail:
•    you may login to Katılım Mobile or our Internet Branch or,
•    you may call our Customer Communication Center at 0 850 220 50 00 or,
•    you may visit our branches.

The notifications sent to our customers who do not use our Katılım Mobile app or Internet Branch will continue to be sent by e-mail, as it is in the currently, in accordance with the communication consent to be granted by our customers by verifying their e-mails.

We wish you healthy days.