Katılım Mobil


What is Katılım Mobil?

Katılım Mobil is the new mobile banking application that we designed for you to make your banking transactions from your mobile phone in the comfort of your computer.

Why Should I Use Katılım Mobil?

  • You can perform your retail and corporate banking transactions quickly and securely.
  • The transactions you will perform via Katılım Mobil are free.
  • While performing your transactions within the application, you can contact our customer representatives instantly via live help and get support and receive answers to your questions regarding your transactions.


  • You can download Katılım Mobil from all application stores free.
  • You can easily access your banking transactions within easy reach.
  • You can use it on a 24/7 basis without any limitation of transaction hours.
  • Ziraat Katılım customers can start to use Katılım Mobil immediately by getting an Internet / Mobile Banking password with the I Forgot My Password/Get Password feature.


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  • You can access Katılım Mobil through all application stores.
  • You can take advantage of our transaction sets specific to Katılım Mobil free
  • You can perform your retail and corporate banking transactions quickly and securely.
  • While performing your transactions within the application, you can contact our customer representatives instantly via live help and get support and receive answers to your questions regarding your transactions.

Transactions that Can Be Performed Through Katılım Mobil

Account Details
Account Transactions
Remittance (Internal Transfer) Between My Accounts
Between My Current Accounts
To My Participation Account
From My Participation Account
Remittance to Another Account
Remittance to Another Account
Remittance with IBAN
Remittance to Name
To Another Bank Account (EFT)
EFT to Account
EFT to Name
EFT to Credit Card
Foreign Exchange Transfers (SWIFT)
SWIFT with Account No
SWIFT Message Viewing
Bill Payment
Direct Debit Transactions
Donation Transactions
Motor Vehicles Tax
Traffic Fine
Tax Payment
Customs Tax
Saved Transactions
Direct Payment (Compay)
Pending Payments
My Transactions
Financing Information
Financing Installment Payment
Viewing Payment Schedule
Financing Calculation
My Pending Installment Payments
Portfolio Information
Fund Buying
Fund Selling
My Pending Requests
My Pending Installment Payments
Price Tracking
Foreign Exchange Transactions
Foreign Exchange Buying
Foreign Exchange Selling
Foreign Exchange Price Tracking
Arbitrage Price Tracking
Gold Transactions
Gold Buying
Gold Selling
Gold Price Tracking
Regular Payments
Regular Payment Entry
Regular Payment Update
Regular Payment Tracking
My Orders
Future Transactions Summary
Viewing Entry/Update
News and Innovations
Check Transactions
Checkbook Request
Check Transactions
Note Transactions
Contact Form
Financing Application
My IBAN Transactions
My IBAN Information
IBAN Control
IBAN Calculation
Live Reply
Viewing Entry/Update
Information Update
Address Information
Mobile Phone
Personal Information
Education and Profession
Telephone and Fax
Communication Preferences
Campaigns and Bulletins
Activity Information
Investment Information
Security Settings
Session Time
Password Change
Debit Card Password Change
SMS Verification Limit
Time Restriction
ISP Restriction
Foreign Restriction

How can I reach Katılım Mobil?


Google Play


Katılım Mobil - IOS

 Katılım Mobil - IOS

Katılım Mobil - Android

 Katılım Mobil - Android

You are Safe with Ziraat Katılım.
You are Safe with Ziraat Katılım.
You can easily perform your transactions via Katılım Mobil application.

Katılım Mobil Password Transactions

Get New PasswordI Forgot My Password

Frequently Asked Questions

You must have your products and accounts identified at the Ziraat Katılım Bankası branch where your account is present.

Our individual users who forget Katılım Mobil login password can create a new password from the I Forgot My Password link on our login page. You can also create a new password by calling our Customer Contact Center at 0850 220 5000.

  • It is crucial to use an anti-virus program, a spyware program (anti spyware – anti malware) and a firewall software in order to protect you against possible attacks, as well as for the detection and removal of potential vulnerabilities during internet use. Some security software includes all these three features. While spyware programs protect your computer against spyware trying to collect your internet usage information, firewall software prevents programs on your mobile phone from connecting to the internet without your knowledge.
  • Keep your anti-virus software up to date. Scan your mobile phone for viruses periodically.
  • Keep your personal information confidential. Do not share your information such as date of birth, identification number, mother's maiden name with people who request it by phone or e-mail.
  • When you have completed your transactions, use the "Exit" button to exit Katılım Mobil.
  • Do not try to access Katılım Mobil by clicking on a link that comes via e-mail and messaging programs or by clicking a link above even when they are the people you know.
  • Do not keep your customer number and password in the same place, do not write them down and do not send them by e-mail in any way.
  • Do not share your password with anyone, including our Bank and Customer Contact Center employees.
  • Make sure that your password is not easily predictable (Your year of birth, your favorite team etc.).
  • Do not open the attached files that arrive through e-mails from people you do not know.
  • Do not enter your security information by clicking the e-mail links.
  • Ziraat Katılım Bankası does not have any password transactions done via e-mail and does not request your personal information. Do not reply to such kind of e-mails.
  • Change your password at periodic intervals.
  • Keep your internet services access details such as e-mails confidential.
  • It is extremely important to use a power-on password on your mobile phone, so that your phone is not used by others in case your mobile phone is stolen or falls into the hands of others. In this way, 3rd persons will not be able to use the applications on your mobile phone without your knowledge.
  • Activate your phone's lock or key lock feature. Enable the password feature, if available, to unlock. These applications ensure your safety and prevent anyone except you from using your phone.
  • For your security, download mobile applications only from sources you trust.
  • Bluetooth must be turned off on your mobile phone during your use of Katılım Mobil application. Turning off Bluetooth application will enable you to perform more secure transactions while using Katılım Mobil application. Do not accept files via Bluetooth the source and reliability of of which you do not know.
  • In order to take advantage of Katılım Mobil, the user must be identified by the system by going through some security steps. You perform your authentication by introducing yourself to the system with your customer number, password and SMS verification password.
  • In addition, you will be notified via SMS (Short Message) of critical transactions performed through Katılım Mobil, which are above the amounts you have determined. Thus, Katılım Mobil will not be used without your knowledge and you will be able to intervene in the transactions instantly.
  • During your Katılım Mobil session, if you do not perform transactions within the time granted to you, a warning window will appear and you will be asked if you wish to continue the transactions. You will be logged out if you do not respond to this window within the time granted to you or if you click the logout option. If you choose to proceed the transactions, your session will continue.
  • Our customers can have their mobile phone information identified or updated only at our branches for their own security.
  • When your mobile phone number or SIM card changes, you will need to visit your branch as soon as possible and update your mobile phone number.
  • SMS verification practice is a security measure taken to increase the security during your transactions.
  • After the SMS identification process is done, a password is generated allowing one-time use in transactions over the specified limits and is sent as a message to your registered mobile phone. The password sent is valid for 3 minutes and it is not possible to use the password later. If you could not complete your transaction within this period, you should restart your transaction and use new SMS message. If you enter the password sent incorrectly 3 times, your password will be locked, and you will be logged out of the system. To unblock your password, you must call Customer Contact Center at 0850 220 5000 and take the necessary action.
  • In cases where your mobile phone is outside the coverage area, and it is turned off, no transaction will be carried out. The messages sent are not charged.

You can apply to close your account by visiting Ziraat Katılım Bankası branch or you can close it via Mobile / Internet branch.

You can have your EFT inquired by the opposite bank by taking EFT inquiry number through telephone banking or internet branch from the branch to which your account is linked.

If you have typed IBAN/Account number or recipient name incorrectly, please contact the branch to which your account is linked and ask your branch to send a News General (NEWS-GENERAL) message. The message sends ensures that the EFT made is withdrawn or canceled.

If there is not enough money in your account on the relevant date, your transaction will not take place.