What is E-Goverment ?

E-Goverment means the delivery of services provided by the Turkish Government to its citizens in electronic environment. In this way, it is ensured that public services are delivered to our citizens in the easiest and most effective way, in a quality, fast, uninterrupted and secure manner.

How Can I Login to E-Goverment

  • Our customers who login to our internet banking can directly login to e-State Gateway. After logging into our internet banking, when you click the e-State Login without Password button on the upper right, you will be logged in automatically.
  • If our customers who are not citizens of the Republic of Turkey (T.R Identity number is not registered in the system) login to our internet banking, the e-State Login without password button cannot be displayed.
  • When you forget your password to e-State gateway, you no longer have to go to PTT and get a new password envelope. By clicking on "Ziraat Katılım" icon from www.turkiye.gov.tr system Login/Internet Banking tab on e-State website, you can automatically login to e-State website after your secure login (Customer Number – Internet Branch Password – SMS Verification) from Ziraat Katılım internet branch login screens.

A Few Transactions You Can Perform Through e-Goverment

  • SSI Service Breakdown
  • SSI Retirement Pension Information
  • Ministry of Justice Case File Tracking
  • Tax Debt Inquiry
  • Vehicle Inquiry
  • University e-Registration
  • Mobile Line Inquiry
  • IMEI Registration
  • Recruitment Procedures

Detailed information on services provided through e-State Gateway can be found at www.turkiye.gov.tr.