What is ATM?

You can easily and instantly perform many banking transactions such as money withdrawals, deposits and bill payments without waiting in line at the branch, via Ziraat Katılım Bankası ATMs on a 24/7 basis.

  • Free money withdrawals and deposits to account can be made via all state banks’ ATMs within daily transaction limits.
  • It is possible to deposit into TL, USD, EUR current accounts with and without card. The money you deposit are immediately entered into your account.
  • Approximately 300 bill and institution payments with and without cards can be made without waiting in line.
  • You can top up TL to Turkcell, Türk Telekom Mobil, Vodafone operators from cardless transaction menu.
  • All of our ATMs have been made suitable for the use of our visually impaired customers.

Thanks to the wide network of ATMs distributed all over Turkey, you can perform many financial transactions on a 24/7 basis via our bank’s ATMs or other banks’ ATMs without going to the branch.


Transactions that can be Performed via ATM

Account Transactions
Money Withdrawal
Depositing Money into Account
Account Transactions
Balance Information Inquiry
IBAN Inquiry
Money Transfers
Saved EFT Transaction
Investment Transactions
Foreign Exchange Buying from/ Selling to
Gold Buying from/ Selling to Account
Exchange Rate Information
Password Transactions
Password Change
Bill Payments
Motor Vehicles Tax Payment
Depositing Money into Account
Bill Payments
Motor Vehicles Tax Payment


  • You should not seek help from anyone while making transactions at ATMs.
  • While entering the password after inserting your card in our ATMs, you should make sure that your password is not seen by others.
  • You should not leave the ATM until your transaction is completed.
  • If your card gets stuck at ATM, you can close your card by calling our Customer Contact Center at 0850 220 50 00.
  • Thanks to Card Copy Prevention device at all our ATMs (CPK), electromagnetic protection field is created in card reader region, preventing copying of the cards.

Frequently Asked Questions

You must apply to our branch where our ATM is linked.

You can find detailed information through "Product and Service Fees" section of our Bank's website.

If the ATM is in front of a branch, you must apply to the branch where the ATM is located within working hours; but if the ATM is outside the branch or the time is out of working hours, you should call our Customer Contact Center number 0850 220 5000.

If the ATM is outside the branch or if you are performing your ATM transaction out of working hours, you should call our Customer Contact Center number 0850 220 5000.

Money can be deposited from all ATMs of our bank.

The amounts deposited from our ATMs are immediately transferred to your accounts.

Daily deposit limit from ATMs is 20,000 TRY. You can deposit 40 paper money at one time.

Your daily deposit limit from ATM is 5,000 TRY.

Cardless deposit limit from our ATMs is 20,000 TRY.

Yes, you can make foreign exchange purchase and sale transactions from account with your Ziraat Katılım debit card at our ATMs.

Yes, gold purchase and sale transaction are possible at our ATMs.

Yes, invoice and Motor Vehicles Tax payments can be made without card at our ATMs.

Yes, you can access Account IBAN information from all our ATMs.