Car Financing

Taşıt Finansmanı

What is a Car Financing?

Car financing is a type of financing that provides ease of purchasing of new or second hand cars.

Why Should I Use Car Financing?

You can have the car of your dreams with the long-term and low installment options offered by car financing.

  • It can be used for new and second hand passenger cars.
  • New and second-hand passenger cars can be financed by 70 percent for the portion of automobile insurance up to 120.000 TL and 50 percent for the portion exceeding 120.000 TL.
  • The maturity limit for new vehicles in car financing is 60 months for vehicles with a sales value of 120,000 TL and below, and 48 months for vehicles with a higher sales value. For the second hand vehicles, the automobile insurance value is taken into consideration instead of the sales value.
  • Credit life insurance cost varies depending upon loan amount, maturity, age and loan monthly profit rate.
  • The cost of the automobile insurance varies from person to person depending upon vehicle condition and history of damage.
  • Our bank offers life insurance, traffic and automobile insurance products to its customers using car financing.
  • You can easily make your payments with flexible payment plans.
  • There are profit share rates suitable for your budget and maturity of up to 60 months.

Channels Through Which A Car Financing Application Can Be Made

Documents Required to Receive Car Financing

  • Identity card, driving license or passport
  • Income certificate based on the working status of the person
  • Proforma invoice of the vehicle subject to financing for new vehicles / copy of the license of vehicle for second-hand vehicles
  • Other documents that may be requested if deemed necessary
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Access Your Accounts At Any Time
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