What Is a Private Pension System?

The Private Pension System (PPS) is a special savings and investment system that allows you to have a peaceful and happy retirement by making regular savings.

Why Should I Get Private Pension?

If you’d say let my savings grow and no interest be in it, fortunately, our private pension plan is for you. In interest-free private pensions, trading based on Islamic financing principles is allowed, and investments are made in funds that are interest-free and in line with participation banking principles.

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Savings and Investment

You can earn an additional income during the retirement period by directing your retirement savings into investment.

Profit Share

Add profit share to your gold savings as well.

Let Us Keep

Let's convert your gold into gram worth its value and let's keep them with Ziraat Katılım assurance.

Create an account

All you have to do is to open an account or to create a participation account by logging into our internet branch.

Channels Through Which Application Can Be Made