Education Financing


Education Financing for the children of our Private Banking customers! 

We provide all domestic and international education financing support to our private banking customers (the parent of the person who will receive education/person).

Advantageous Education Financing!

  • Parents of students and associate, undergraduate, master's and doctoral students will be able to benefit.
  • Educational expenses for all schools (pre-school & primary school & secondary school & high school), courses authorized by the Ministry of National Education, Special Education and Rehabilitation centres, and institutions providing educational and cultural services can be financed.


If you are a student's parent, any family member who bears the student's education expenses, or a student who has a profession that provides regular and permanent income: 

  • You can visit our Private Banking centers for individual financing in TL with maturity options up to 36 months.
  • Financing can be provided by document/proforma invoice showing the training fee and labor/service rental (ijarah contract) method.


*Financing can be provided through the document/proforma invoice showing the training fee and the labor/service rental (ijarah contract) method.

*In case of payment to overseas educational institutions, the financing amount must first be transferred to the customer account in TL, then foreign currency must be sold from the customer account and a foreign currency transfer must be made to the foreign company account.

Channels to Apply for Education Financing

Access to your accounts at any time
Access to your accounts at any time
With Katılım Mobile application, you can access to your accounts at any time, from anywhere.