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Online Banking

 Ziraat Participation Bank Online Banking

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Which addresses can I use to access the Ziraat Participation Bank Online Banking?

You can access Ziraat Participation Bank Online Banking by visiting or websites and clicking the Online Banking login button.


Will my existing products and accounts be automatically recognized by Online Banking?

You must have your accounts defined at the Branch at which your account is held. The accounts you will open through Online Banking will automatically be recognized.

Application Procedures


How can I apply to Ziraat Participation Bank Online Banking?

You can apply through the Branch at which your account is held.

Following the completion of your in-branch application, the Branch will provide you with your customer number. After your application is approved, your Online Banking password will be sent to your mobile phone by SMS.



I have forgotten my Online Banking password, or it has been blocked. What should I do?

Our personal users who forget their Online Banking login passwords can create a new password by using the I Forgot My Password link on the login page. You can also create a new password by calling our Customer Call Center at 0 850 220 50 00.



What should I pay attention to regarding my security on Online Banking?

  • You can access Ziraat Participation Bank Online Banking by visiting or websites and clicking the Online Banking login button.
  • Do not access Online Banking from publicly accessible computers such as the ones at internet cafes.
  • Only use licensed operating systems and keep your web browser up-to-date. Harmful software programs take advantage of outdated operating systems and security gaps in browsers.
  • It is important that you use an anti-virus program, an anti spyware – anti malware program, and a firewall software to detect and resolve possible security gaps, and have protection against possible attacks during Internet use. Some security software programs contain all of these three features. While anti spyware – anti malware programs protect your computer against spy software that try to capture your internet usage information, firewall programs prevent the programs on your computer from accessing internet outside your knowledge.
  • Keep the database of your anti-virus software up-to-date. Perform periodic virus scans on your computer.
  • Keep your personal information confidential. Be cautious against people who request your information such as your date of birth, identification number, your mother’s maiden name by phone or e-mail.
  • Once your transactions are complete, make sure to use the “Secure Logout” button to leave Online Banking.
  • Do not try to access our Online Banking through the links above and through any link that may be sent through e-mail or chatting or messaging programs, even if such links are sent by an acquaintance.
  • Do not keep your customer number and your password in the same place, note them down or send them via e-mail.
  • Do not share your password with anyone including our Bank and Customer Service personnel.
  • Do not use easily predictable personal information (such as your year of birth, favorite team, etc.) while determining your password.
  • Do not open the attachments included in the e-mails sent by people you do not know.
  • Do not enter your security information by clicking on the links sent to you by e-mail.
  • Ziraat Participation Bank does not execute any transactions involving your password and request your personal information via e-mail. Do not respond to such e-mails.
  • Change your password periodically.
  • Keep the details that you use to access Internet services like e-mails confidential.

What does Ziraat Participation Bank do for my security?

To access Ziraat Participation Bank Online Banking services, the use must pass through multiple security steps, and be authenticated by the system. You must first verify your identity in the system by using your customer number, password, and SMS verification password.

Furthermore, you will be notified by an SMS about critical transactions performed through our Online Banking System with amounts higher than the threshold you predetermined. Thus, the Online Banking will not be used beyond your knowledge and you will be able to interfere in transactions immediately.

In the event that your Online Banking session is inactive during the preset time period, a warning window will pop up and ask you whether or not you want to continue the transactions. If you don’t respond to this window within the provided time period, or click the "end the session" button, you will log off. If you choose to continue with the transactions, then your session will resume.


How can I ensure that I have securely accessed the Online Banking System?

After entering your customer number and password on the login screen, you must see your name, last name and your security image on the next page. Thus, you may securely login to online banking.

Access the website by typing in the address field of your browser. Make sure that the address of the Online Branch (E-Branch) is

You can find the information about the time and date of your last login on the main page.

Each page you open must have a padlock sign on either the lower or the upper right corner of the page.


What is Online Banking SSL Security Certificate?

Online Banking SSL Security Certificate is a security protocol developed by Netscape in order to ensure security and confidentiality during information transfer on the network. SSL ensures that the information sent can absolutely and only be decrypted at the right address. The information is encrypted automatically before it is sent and can only be decrypted by the correct receiver. The verification is conducted on both ends, preserving the confidentiality and integrity of the transaction and information.


What is SMS Verification?

SMS Verification is a security measure taken to improve the security of any online transaction performed by our customers through the internet.

For transactions exceeding a preset limit, a single-use password will be generated and sent to your registered mobile phone number. The password will be valid for 3 minutes and cannot be used after expiration. If you have not completed your transaction within this period, you will need to repeat it with a new SMS message. If you enter the sent password incorrectly 3 times, the system will block your password and sign you out. In order to reactivate your password, you must call Customer Services at 0 850 220 50 00 to carry out the necessary procedures.

In the case that your mobile phone has no signal, is switched off, etc., you will not be able to perform any transactions. You will not be charged for the messages sent.


What is SMS Information?

SMS Notification is a precaution taken for your security. Notification messages will be sent to your registered mobile phone by the Online Banking System for transactions exceeding a certain amount. Thus, you will be informed about any transactions carried out through the Online Banking System. You can set transaction limits by calling our Customer Call Center at 0 850 220 50 00, provided such limit is not less than the threshold set forth by our bank and does not exceed the limit you have determined.


Can I restrict my access to Online Banking?

You can set certain limits and restrictions such as a transaction limit, a transaction restriction, access time and access authentication (IP, ISP, domestic, abroad) through your security settings. You can call our Customer Call Center at 0 850 220 50 00 at any time to remove your limits and restrictions.


How can I update my mobile phone information? What should I do when I change my mobile phone number or SIM card?

Our customers, for their own security, can only add or update their mobile phone information at our Branches.

When your mobile phone number or SIM card changes, you must visit our Branches as soon as possible in order to update your mobile phone number.


Although I have not performed a transaction through Online Banking, I have received a password/notification message on my mobile phone. What should I do?

You should immediately call our Customer Services at 0 850 220 50 00



Which transactions can I perform through Online Banking?

My Agenda




Account Details

  • List of Accounts
  • Account Transactions
  • Opening a Private Current Account
  • Closing a Private Current Account
  • Opening a Participation Account
  • Closing a Participation Account
  • Closed Accounts
  • Joint Accounts

My Assets

IBAN Transactions

  • My IBAN Information
  • IBAN Control
  • IBAN Calculation

Cheque and Bill Transactions

  • My Checks Information
  • My Bonds Information
  • Check Book Request

My Cash Flow



  • Transfer Between Accounts
  • Transfer to Account
  • Transfer with IBAN
  • Transfer to Name
  • Transfer with GSM No
  • Saved Bank Transfer List
  • Last 20 Bank Transfers


  • EFT to Account
  • EFT with IBAN
  • EFT to Name
  • EFT to Credit Card
  • Saved EFT List
  • Last 20 EFTs

Foreign Currency Transfer (SWIFT)

  • With Account No
  • With IBAN
  • Message Viewing

Regular Payment

  • Entering Orders
  • Update/Deletel

Saved Transactions

  • Entry Input
  • Entry Editing

My orders

  • Pending Transactions
  • Monitoring All Transactions
  • Update/Delete

Investment Operations

  • Participation Accounts
  • Opening an Account
  • Closing an Account
  • Profit Share Calculation


  • Foreign Exchange Buying
  • Foreign Exchange Selling
  • Arbitrage Transaction
  • Price Monitoring
  • Arbitrage Price Monitoring
  • Calculator

Precious Metals

  • Gold Buying
  • Gold Selling
  • Price Monitoring
  • Calculator

Mutual Funds

  • Fund Portfolio
  • Buy
  • Sell
  • Fund Prices
  • Fund Orders

Financing Transactions

  • Financing Information
  • Payment Plan Viewing
  • Installment Payment
  • Financing Calculation


Invoice Transactions

  • Invoice Transactions

Saved Transactions

Automatic Payment Transactions

  • Order Input
  • Order Monitoring
  • Order Update-Cancellation

Donation Transactions

Tax Payments

Tax Payment

  • New Transaction
  • Saved Transactions
  • Last 20 Transactions

Customs Tax

  • New Transaction
  • Saved Transactions
  • Last 20 Transactions

Motor Vehicles Tax

  • New Transaction
  • Saved Transactions
  • Last 20 Transactions

Traffic Fine

  • New Transaction
  • Saved Transactions
  • Last 20 Transactions

Cash Management

Approval Transactions

Bulk Payments

Salary Payments


Security Management

Password Transactions

  • Bank Card
  • Internet Banking Password Change

Security Restrictions

  • Time Restriction
  • IP/ISP Restriction
  • Transaction Limit Restriction
  • Card Login Restriction
  • Restricting International Transactions
  • Set Session Time
  • Authorization Monitoring

SMS Verification


Contact Form


Information Update

  • Address
  • Mobile Phone
  • Delivery
  • Personal
  • E-mail
  • Education and Profession
  • Telephone and Fax

Communication Preferences

All Transactions


What are the Online Banking Transaction Limits?

Transaction Type (Individual) One Time Daily
Wire Transfer (TL) 50.001100.001
Remittance (TL) 50.00175.001
EFT to Account (TL)50.00175.001
EFT to Credit Card (TL)50.00175.001
Swift to Account50.00150.001
Foreign Exchange/Gold Transactions 50.001100.001
Transaction Type (Corporate) One Time Daily
Wire Transfer (TL) 750.0012.000.001
Remittance (TL) 150.001150.001
EFT to Account (TL)400.001500.001
EFT to Credit Card (TL)400.001500.001
Swift to Account750.001750.001
Foreign Exchange/Gold Transactions 100.001200.001

What are the transaction hours for Online Banking?

Remittance 24 hours
EFT 09:00 – 17:00

How can I change my transaction limits?

You can lower your daily limits as you like from the Personal Online Banking Transaction Limit Setting screen. You can raise your limits up to a point not exceeding our Bank’s limits by calling Customer Services at 0 850 220 50 00.


Are there any fees for transactions performed through Online Banking

You can find out detailed information about transaction fees on our Product and Service Fees page.


I would like to close my account that I opened through Online Banking. What should I do?

You can do Profit Share Calculator, IBAN Calculator and Financing Calculator with Calculation Tools.


Can I cancel a remittance or EFT that I have sent through Online Banking by mistake?

Transactions performed through Online Banking are executed in real time (online), and it is not possible to cancel them.

In order to cancel your transaction you must contact our nearest Branch.


I performed an EFT transaction and my account has been debited, but the money has not reached the recipient account. What should I do?

You can get your EFT query number from the Branch at which your account is held, or through Telephone Banking or Online Banking, and query the EFT transaction at the recipient bank.

If you have entered the IBAN/account number or recipient's name incorrectly, you must contact the Branch at which your account is held and ask for a news-general message to be sent. The EFT sent can be revoked or canceled with this message.


What happens in the case that the funds in my account are insufficient to carry out a future dated money transfer or a standing/automatic payment order on the date of transaction?

If you don't have sufficient funds in your account on the relevant date, your transaction will not be executed.