Reference Letters

Referans Mektupları

What are Reference Letters?

These are the documents issuedaddressing to the domestic and foreign companies, departments and institutions for our Bank's customers by banks to show their approved loans and how much of their approved loans are used and how much of them are ready for use as well as the status of the participation funds (special current account/participation account).

Why should I use Reference Letter?

It ensures the credibility of your business with our bank to be evaluated by the relevant institution. In this respect, a reference letter is issued in favor of the customers who have approved credits in our bank upon request, provided that it remains within the credit limits.

  • Reference letters are usually issued for tenders initiated by public institutions.
  • These are documents do not contain any payment commitments of our bank.
  • It may be issued in TL or FX based on the most suitable currency for our customers.
  • It is a document that gives a serious impression to its addressee about financing a particular project.

Channels Through Which A Reference Letter Application Can Be Made

Documents Required to Receive Reference Letter

You can get detailed information from our nearest branch.