Acceptance Aval Financing

Kabul Aval Finansmanı

What is Acceptance Aval Financing?

It is a product that allowsto make payment on the date upon which they have agreed and which is specified on the policy, in cases where the importer wishes to pay the cost of the goods on a term basis and the exporter wishes guarantee for the payment to be made at the end of the term envisaged by the importer's bank.

Why Should I Use Acceptance Aval Financing?

It provides the companies with the guarantee that they will obtain the goods they will purchase in a complete and convenient manner without paying, while providing confidence and flexibility in the foreign trade transactions of the exporter company.

  • Payments to the exporter are made on the maturity date of the policy.
  • Transactions with letters of credit, against documents or against goods can be connected to the policy.
  • Exporter companies provide bank guarantee regarding the term export they make.
  • Importer companies guarantee to purchase the goods they will import in a complete and convenient way.
  • Flexibility and trust are ensured in foreign trade transactions.
  • The term is freely determined between the importer and the exporter without being limited in time.

Channels Through Which An Acceptance Aval Financing Application Can Be Made


Documents Required to Receive Acceptance Aval Financing

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