Valuation Service Consultancy


A special company for you for your investment transactions in Turkey. Take advantage of our Valuation Service!  

As Private Banking, we offer special. Establishing a company in Turkey with our Company Valuation Service, purchasing a company or examining and valuing an existing company You can get expert support in the realization of your investments and You can do it safely.

With our Valuation Consultancy Service offered specifically for you, investors research, reporting, research on the company you want to be in, The company you will be an investor in is analyzed. We help you get an idea about it.    



Consultancy Services Offered

  • Liquidity ratios of the company,
  • Activity effectiveness,
  • Financial situation analysis,
  • Conducting financial statement analyses,
  • Reporting the comparable market value according to the company's financial statement data,
  • Making comparisons regarding strengths, weaknesses and competitors with SWOT analysis.


*Only our Private Banking customers can benefit from the consultancy service.

*For contact information of consultancy firms, you can send a message to our Private Banking WhatsApp line or get information from the call center.    
Private Banking WhatsApp Line + 90 530 917 41 14

*This service is provided by CFR Financial Consultancy.  
*These services are subject to the fees of the consultants providing the service.