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Special funds for special investors…

Ziraat Portfolio Management acting within Ziraat Finance Group provides special fund establishment service specific to the investors holding a certain asset size.

Ziraat Katılım Private Banking customers; Ziraat Portfolio Management Inc. It receives the best service for corporate preferences with its strong capital structure, expert staff and financial solutions it offers.

Ziraat Participation best reflects Ziraat Portfolio support market and experience to its customers and the performances of the investment funds it manages. All our customers feel the power of corporate awareness closely.

Portfolio updates are made by following frequently changing global and Turkish capital market conditions.

Periodic and account-based information about the content of the portfolios and the strategies implemented is carried out in accordance with investor confidentiality rules and special requests.


What is Special Fund?

Special funds are the funds participation documents of which are assigned to the pre-determined persons or organizations.

During the service, initially special fund establishment is completed. Then special management strategies are created for these funds in accordance with risk-income profiles of the investors and the portfolios are managed in line with optimum income target.

When a special fund is established on behalf of a company, participation documents representing the fund amount may be sold only to the persons, - shareholder, manager, families of manager and all employees - who are included in that company in accordance with the provisions of the notification regarding public offering.

What are the advantages of private funds?

  • An investor-specific strategy is created, the funds are managed efficiently in accordance with this strategy,
  • Corporate investor may determine the participants of the fund.
  • Corporate loyalty of fund participants increases
  • Regular and independent audit process.
  • Management and reporting procedures in compliance with the CMB regulations,
  • Tax advantage…


Please find the details about special fund establishment from our Private Banking Centers.

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Customer Satisfaction Center


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