Cash and Precious Metal Transportation Services

Cash Transportation and Processing Services

We provide cash or precious metal transportation services specifically for you, in line with the needs of our customers.

As our Private Banking customer, you can safely deliver your excess cash from your address and forward it to our desired branch by meeting the necessary conditions.

Necessary conditions:


  • Having a security camera at the delivery point
  • Obtain the client's approval letter 
  • The fee incurred for this service must be paid by the customer before the service.


*The service offer covers cash transportation and processing service, but does not include mineral supply service.

*Road Armored Transport; It will be monitored by the vehicle tracking system on digital maps from the pick-up point to the delivery point, and the safe section where the valuable goods are kept in the vehicle will be locked by the center and transportation will be carried out in "Safe Transport Mode" along the way.


You can send a message to our Private Banking WhatsApp line about our products and services and get detailed information. Private Banking WhatsApp Line + 90 530 917 41 14