Private Aircraft Rental Consultancy Services!

Özel hava aracı kiralama

We Are With You With Our Private Aircraft Rental Consultancy Services!

Would you like a private plane that you have determined the flight date and time of?
If you are looking for a quality and comfortable flight service that fulfills the security standards of international authorities without wasting time, without getting stuck with classical airport procedures,
We are at your side with our consultancy services for your plane, helicopter, air ambulance needs during your business trips, holiday trips or health trips.

Within the scope of our VIP line services, we take you from wherever you want and transport you to the destination you want to reach, and if you wish, we provide your local or intercity transfers and all your other concierge requests in VIP comfort with ground service if you wish.
Advantages of Private Aircraft Chartering?

  • The flight schedule to be planned at the times and dates you want.
  • Privacy and security of your private life.
  • Personally prepared food and beverage options.
  • Opportunity to manage your valuable time.
  • You can carry your pet with you according to the procedures of the country of flight.
  • A comfortable and comfortable flight (Adjustable seats, beds and clean sink)
  • Internet access and phone calls can be provided
  • You can get more baggage allowance and carry the liquids you want with you
  • Professional cabin crew to serve you.


  • Challenger 850: 15 Passenger Capacity (Heavy Jet)
  • Hawker 800XP: 8 Passenger Capacity (Midsize Jet)
  • Hawker 400A: 7 Passenger Capacity (Light Jet)

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