Boat / Yacht Financing


Watercraft financing for our private customers!

We provide our private banking customers with new or second-hand boats, yachts, kayaks, sailboats, etc. We provide financing support with affordable profit rates and maturity opportunities for marine vessel purchases.

Financing Features:

  • Maturity up to 36 months is possible.
  • As collateral, our Bank's current legislation is valid, but when deemed necessary, TL financing can be provided in return for cash, by establishing a real estate mortgage or by taking a guarantor.
  • New boat purchases will be based on the invoice of the product.
  • Financing can be provided through the Murabaha method by providing a proforma invoice/sales document.
  • Can be used for new or second-hand vehicle products*


*For second-hand marine vessel purchases, the sales document and new license issued before the port authority will be taken as basis, and the maximum financing amount will be determined by taking into account the expertise report of the relevant marine vessel. Maximum 80% of the determined amount can be credited.

If you want to sail the seas with your own boat, we welcome you to our private banking centers.

Channels to Apply for Boat/Yacht Financing

Access to your accounts at any time
Access to your accounts at any time
With Katılım Mobile application, you can access to your accounts at any time, from anywhere.