Specially Allocated Areas (Corner Point)


Specially allocated areas (Corner Point) for our private banking customers within our branches have been designed with all the comfort and information confidentiality of our valued customers in mind.


Our Private Banking Portfolios; ready to offer you the most privileged service and to visit.

We provide service by our professional customer representatives who can understand the expectations and needs of investors in their own language and produce appropriate solutions, with our portfolios that speak a foreign language (Arabic - English - Russian - Kazakh - French ...) that our foreign customers can easily receive service from.

Our Private Banking Portfolio (Corner) Points;



We continue to open our Private Banking Portfolio (Corner) Points.

Private Banking WhatsApp Line +90 530 917 4114

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Access to your accounts at any time
Access to your accounts at any time
With Katılım Mobile application, you can access to your accounts at any time, from anywhere.