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e-Government Gateway


You can now access the e-Government Gateway where you can get public services quickly with the Ziraat Katılım Internet Branch.

What is e-Government Gateway?

e-Government Gateway means the provision of services provided by the state to citizens in an electronic environment. In this way, our government ensures that the services are delivered to the citizens in the easiest and most effective way, in a high quality, fast, uninterrupted and secure fashion.

How do I log in to the e-Government Gateway?

  • Our Internet Banking customers can enter directly into the e-Government Gateway. When you click on the "Keyless Login to e-Government" located at the top right after you have logged in to our Internet Banking, your login process is automatically performed.

    If our customers who are not citizens of the Republic of Turkey (who are not registered in the Turkish identity card system) login to our Internet Banking, you cannot display the Keyless Login button in e-Government.
  • When you forget your password for e-Government Gateway, you do not have to go to PTT and get a new password envelope. By clicking "Ziraat Katılım" icon on login/ Internet Banking tab, our customers can log in securely to their e-Government web page automatically after they securely log in (Customer Number - Internet Branch Password - SMS Verification) from Ziraat Participation Internet Branch login screens.

A few main procedures in e-Government Gateway that make your life easier:

  • SSI Service Scheme,
  • SSI Retirement Pensions Information,
  • Ministry of Justice Court File Follow Up,
  • Tax Debt Inquiry,
  • Vehicle Inquiry,
  • University e-Registration,
  • Mobile Line Inquiry,
  • IMEI Registration,
  • Military Procedures.

You can receive your password from our closest branches or by calling 0 850 220 50 00 if you do not have Ziraat Participation Internet Branch password.

If you are not yet a Ziraat Katılım customer, you can use our Instant Open an account facility and apply to benefit our services as our customer.

You can access to the detailed information on the services of e-Government Gateway on