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 Ziraat Participation Bank ATM

​​​​​​​With Ziraat Participation Bank ATMs, you can perform many types of financial transactions 24/7 without visiting a branch.

For Frequently Asked Questions about ATMs, please click here.

Transactions you can perform using your Ziraat Participation Debit Card​

Account Transactions

  • Withdrawal
  • Depositing Money to the Account
  • Account Activities
  • Balance Info Inquiry
  • IBAN Inquiry

Money Transfers

  • Remittance
  • Registered EFT Transaction

Investment Transactions

  • Buying / Selling Foreign Exchange from the Account
  • Buying / Selling Gold from the Account
  • Exchange Rate Info

Password Transactions

  • Change Password
  • Bill Payments
  • MVT Payment


  • Depositing Money to the Account
  • Bill Payments
  • MVT Payment
  • Foreign Currency Transactions