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Mobile Banking




From which addresses can I access the Ziraat Participation Mobile Branch?

You can download our app by scanning the QR code found on our web site or typing in Katılım Mobil on the App Store and the Google Play Store


Are my current products and accounts automatically identified in Mobile Branch?

You need to define your products and accounts from the Ziraat Participation Bank where your account is stood.


What are the permissions when downloading the mobile app?

Only the location permission is asked on your phone in Participation Mobile.

SMS permission is also requested on Android devices for our Participation Mobile 1.1 Version and over applications.


Can I also use the mobile app abroad?

You can use the Participation Mobile application in areas with internet access all over the world.


Which operating systems does the mobile application support?

Devices with iOS 8.4 and later operating systems are supported.

SMS permission is also requested on Android devices for our Participation Mobile 1.1 Version and over applications.


Which languages does mobile application support?

Our Participation Mobile application supports Turkish and English languages.

Application Processes


How can I apply for the Mobile Branch?

You can apply from a branch where your account is stood.

In the application process you will do through the branch, your customer number will be delivered from your Branch after the application is completed. Once your application is approved, your Internet Branch password will be sent to your mobile phone via SMS. You can login to Participation Mobile application with your Internet Branch password.



I forgot my Mobile Branch password or the password was blocked, what can I do?

Users who forget the Participation Mobile login password can create a new password from the Forgotten Password link on our home page. You can also create a new password by calling our Customer Contact Center at 0850 220 5000.



What should I pay attention for my Mobile Branch security?

  • It is very important that you use an anti-virus program, a spyware anti-malware and a firewall to protect yourself against possible attacks as well as detect and remove possible security vulnerabilities during Internet use. Some security software has these three features in one. While spyware programs protect your computer against spyware that collects your Internet usage information, firewall software prevents your mobile phone applications from connecting to the internet outside of your knowledge.
  • Keep your antivirus software database up-to-date. Periodically scan your mobile phone for viruses.
  • Keep your personal information private. Do not share your information such as date of birth, identity number, mother's maiden name, etc. with those who request these information by phone or e-mail.
  • Once you complete your transactions, use the "Secure Exit" button to sign out of the Participation Mobile.
  • Do not try to access the Participation Mobile by clicking on a link that comes in the e-mail and messaging programs channel, even from the messages from the people you know.
  • Do not store your customer number and password in the same place, do not note it, and do not send it by e-mail under no circumstance.
  • Do not share your password with anyone, including our Bank and Customer Contact Center staff.
  • Ensure that your password is not easily conjecturable (your birth date, favourite team, etc.).
  • Do not open attached files from emails that are forwarded from people you do not know.
  • Do not enter your security information by clicking the link that comes in by e-mail.
  • Ziraat Participation Bank does not have any password operations made via e-mail and does not ask for your personal information. Do not respond to this type of e-mails.
  • Change your password at regular intervals.
  • Keep your access details to internet services such as e-mail confidential.
  • It is extremely important that you use a PIN code on your mobile phone to prevent your phone from being used by others if your mobile phone is stolen or handed over to someone else. Thus, third parties will not be able to use your mobile phone applications beyond your knowledge.
  • Activate your phone's lock or key lock feature. Enable the password feature to open the lock, if any. These applications prevent anyone else from using your phone by providing your security.
  • Download mobile apps only from trusted sources for your safety.
  • You must turn off Bluetooth on your mobile phone while you are using the Participation Mobile app. Turning off the Bluetooth application will make it safer to use the Participation Mobile app. Do not accept files from Bluetooth that you do not know about source and reliability.

What does Ziraat Participation Bank do for my safety?

  • Some security steps need to be taken and the user must be recognized by the system in order to benefit from the Participation Mobile. You will be authenticating yourself by introducing yourself to the system with your customer number, password and SMS verification password.
  • You will also be notified by SMS (text message) of critical transactions exceeding the amounts you have set up using the Participation Mobile. Thus, Participation Mobile will not be used beyond your knowledge and you will be able to interfere immediately.
  • If you do not make any transaction in the time given to you during your Participation Mobile session, you will get a warning window and you will be asked if you want to proceed. If you do not respond to this window within the time given to you or click on the sign out option, your session will be turned off. If you choose to continue processing, your session will continue.

How can I update my mobile phone information?

  • Our customers may identify and update their mobile phone information only from our Branches for their security.
  • You have to go to your Branch and update as soon as possible in case your mobile phone number or SIM card changes.

What is SMS verification?

  • The SMS Verification application is a safety measure taken to increase the security of our customers' transactions during their transactions on mobile.
  • After the SMS identification process is performed, a password is generated that allows one-time use for operations performed on the specified limits, and is sent as a message to your registered mobile phone. The password sent is valid for 3 minutes and it is not possible to use it again later. If you can not complete your transaction within this time, you will need to start the process again and use a new SMS. If you enter the wrong password 3 times, your password will be locked out and you will be logged of the system. You need to call 0850 220 5000 Customer Contact Center to unblock your password, and do the required transactions.
  • If your mobile phone is out of coverage or turned off, the transactions will not be made. Messages sent are not charged.



What transactions can I make from the Mobile Branch?

  • Open an Instant Account
  • Nearest Branch
  • Financial Data
  • Calculation Tools (Profit Sharing Calculation, IBAN Calculation, Financing Calculation)
  • Financing Application (Before and After Log-in)
  • Communication Center
  • Social Media
  • Contact Us (Before Log-in)
  • Account List
  • Account Information (Summary)
  • Opening a Current Account
  • Closing a Current Account
  • Opening a Participation Account
  • Closing a Participation ​Account
  • Account activities
  • My Assets
  • Cash Flow (Upcoming Payments)
  • Transfer Between Accounts (Bank Transfer)
  • Transfer to Annother Account (Other Person)
  • Transfer with IBAN
  • Remittance
  • Registered Transfer List
  • EFT to Account
  • EFT with IBAN
  • EFT to Name
  • EFT to Credit Card
  • Registered EFT List
  • Registration Entry
  • Registration Adjustment
  • My orders
  • Order Update (Payment Order)
  • Financial Transactions
  • My Financial Info
  • Financial Installment Payment
  • Financial Payment Scheme Display
  • Regular Payment Order Entry
  • Updating, Deleting, Tracking Regular Payment
  • Buying Foreign Currency Selling Foreign Currency Currency Price Monitoring
  • Buying Gold
  • Selling Gold
  • Gold Price Monitoring
  • Arbitrage Transaction
  • Arbitrage Price monitoring
  • Invoice Transactions
  • Tax Payments
  • Donation Transactions
  • Automatic Payment Transactions
  • Communication Form (After Log-in)My IBAN Information
  • IBAN Check
  • IBAN Calculation (Before and After Log-in)
  • SMS Verification Limit Update
  • Debit Card Password Change
  • Security Restrictions
  • Information Update
  • Communication Preferences
  • My Agenda
  • Forgot Password
  • Security Settings
  • Session Duration Management
  • Password Change

transactions are available in iOS current version for now.


What are the mobile branch transaction limits?

Transaction Type (Individual) One Time Daily
Wire Transfer (TL) 50.001100.001
Remittance (TL) 50.00175.001
EFT to Account (TL)50.00175.001
EFT to Credit Card (TL)50.00175.001
Swift to Account50.00150.001
Foreign Exchange/Gold Transactions 50.001100.001
Transaction Type (Corporate) One Time Daily
Wire Transfer (TL) 750.0002.000.001
Remittance (TL) 150.001150.001
EFT to Account (TL)400.001500.001
EFT to Credit Card (TL)400.001500.001
Swift to Account750.001750.001
Foreign Exchange/Gold Transactions 100.001200.001

What are the transaction hours for Online Banking?

Remittance 24 hours
EFT 09:00 – 17:00

Do I pay a fee for transactions I make from the Mobile Branch?

You can learn more about transaction fees at our Product and Service Fees page.,


I want to close the account I opened from the Mobile Branch, what do I need to do?

You can go to the Ziraat Katılım Bank branch where your account is located and apply to close it or you can close it down from the Internet / Mobile branch.


Can I cancel the wire transfer or EFT that I make from the Mobile Branch?

Participation Mobile transactions are real-time (online) transactions and cancellation is not possible. You need to contact our closest branch for adjusting event.


The EFT I made was dropped from my account but has not reached the counter bank. What should I do?

You can interrogate your EFT to the counter bank by taking the EFT query number through the Telephone, Banking or Internet Branch where your account is linked.

If you wrote IBAN/Account number or buyer name incorrectly, please contact the Branch that your account is linked with and ask your Branch to send a News General (HBR-GENEL) message. EFT will be withdrawn or canceled with the message sent.


What happens if I do not have enough money in my account on the date when the future money transaction is due and regular and automatic payment instructions?

If there is not enough money in your account at the relevant date, your transaction will not be executed.