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 Ziraat Participation Bank Financing


​​​​Can I pay off a Personal Financing product whenever I wish?

Yes, you can pay off a Personal Financing product early whenever you wish.


What are the advantages of the Residential Financing system?

The 5% Bank and Insurance Transactions Tax (BSMV) that is imposed on the financing profit does not apply to Residential Financing products. Furthermore, the Resource Utilization Support Fund (KKDF) is not deducted in Residential Financing products as well. With long-term Residential Financing products, you can purchase your home as though you were paying rent.


Can everyone benefit from the Residential Financing system?

Consumers who wish to own a residence and are able to pay regularly can benefit.


In which currencies can I get financing?

Our Bank furnishes financing in TL.


Can I utilize residential financing for the full amount of the appraisal value?

You can utilize financing up to 75% of the property value as determined in the appraisal report. However, if you can provide a mortgage-backed secondary security in addition to the primary security for the purchased property, you can utilize financing up to the full purchase price of the aforesaid property.