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Our Organization Structure

 Ziraat Participation Bank Our Organization Structure

​​Head Office

Chairman of the Board of Directors - Hüseyin AYDIN

The Audit Committee

  • The Board of Inspectors
  • Head of Internal Control and Compliance Department
  • Head of Risk Management Department

General Manager - Metin ÖZDEMİR

  • Advisory Committee
  • Corporate Communications Sevice Manager

Deputy General Manager - Marketing - Temel Tayyar YEŞİL

  • Head of Branch Banking and Sale Management -1
  • Head of Branch Banking and Sale Management -2
  • Head of Marketing Department
  • Head of Financial Leasing

Deputy General Manager - Loans Allocation and Management - Tahir DEMİRKIRAN

  • Head of Loans Allocation and Management -1
  • Head of Loans Allocation and Management -2
  • Head of Project Financing and Financial Partnerships

Deputy General Manager - Credit Policies - Ahmet ORTATEPE

  • Head of Credit Processes Department
  • Head of Credit Risk Monitoring and Liquidation Department
  • Head of Project and Company Analysis Department
  • Legal Consultancy Department Service Manager

Deputy General Manager - Treasury Management and Internal Banking - Osman KARAKÜTÜK

  • Head of Financial Markets Department
  • Head of Financial Management Department
  • Head of Human Resources Department
  • Head of Procurement and Service Management Department

Deputy General Manager - Information Technology and Operations - Mehmet Said GÜL

  • Head of Operations Centre Department
  • Head of Credit and Foreign Trade Operations department
  • Head of Channel Management Department
  • Head of Information Technologies Department