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Direct Debiting System (DDS)

 Ziraat Participation Bank Direct Debiting System

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​General Information

The Direct Debiting System is a type of financing for businesses whose receivables are not linked to a check or a bill, working according to dealership system or with se​veral clients. This is a financing product that enables timely collections to be made electronically within the credit limits instituted in the dealership’s or client’s accounts at our bank, while also enabling the client or the dealers to easily make their payments to the parent company. In cases where the bill amount is guaranteed to be paid by us if the account does not have sufficient balance, a non-cash DDS, and in cases where the dealers are financed by our bank and the bill amount is paid by our bank, a cash loan DDS is possible.

On the payment due date, in cash purchases or buying on credit, the payment can be made to the parent company from this balance provided that there is sufficient balance in the company account. If the balance in the company account is insufficient, or there is no balance in the account, the bills are paid by the loan provided to the dealer by our bank.


The Direct Debiting System enables automatic collection of invoices for the product sales of the dealers of companies with a widespread dealership network.

For the product supply of the sub-dealers, providing financing of the costs of the product purchased through the DDS system.​

Who can take advantage of this product?

All firms that have a widespread dealership network and allowed to operate by our Banks regulations.