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Bulk EFT/Remittance System



This is used for the transmission of account activities in electronic environment to the customers who want to see the account activities.

Customer Group

The customer group is the legal persons who want to see their account activities in electronic environment.


The period may be daily/weekly/monthly according to the customer’s request.


It ensures the easy tracking of the account activities. 
It can be transmitted daily/weekly/monthly according to the company/institution’s request.
The bank statement information is sent to the company/institution by FTP, SWIFT or e-mail.


This is a method which is used by our customers to execute the intense remittance and EFT transfers automatically, quickly, safely and easily by transmitting the payment information of these transfers to be executed by them.

Customer Group

Legal Persons


The transaction is executed in the periods to be determined by the Company/Institution.


It is for the Companies/Institutions making intense remittance/EFT transfers. 

The Companies/Institutions transmit their payment information to our Bank in electronic environment.
The transfers are executed automatically, quickly and safely.