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 SME Support Credit


​​You can apply for Ziraat Participation – TOBB SME Support Credit which provides working capital financing and guarantee support under suitable conditions to the SMEs, which are the members of chambers or stock market at our branches.

Financing Features

  • The following SMEs can benefit from the financing;
    • Those, being the members of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Chamber of Commerce, Chamber of Industry, Chamber of Shipping or Commodity Exchange,
    • Those, operating in Turkey,
    • Those, not being the Pharmacies, Agricultural Credit Cooperative, Merchants and Craftsmen Credit and Bail Cooperative, Exchange Offices, Factoring Companies, Financial Advisors and Certified Public Accountant,
    • Those, being the small and medium sized enterprises (SME) possessing the natural/legal entities.
  • The financing shall be provided to the enterprises based on the maximum limit specified for the chamber, which they are registered, with monthly dividend payout ratio of 1,85% and 18-month maturity in total including 6-month grace period and 12-month installment following the grace period.
  • They can apply to our branches with the membership certificate stating the phrase “Ziraat Participation Bank – TOBB SME Support Credit” and issued by the chamber/stock market which the SMEs are registered.