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External Guarantee

  Ziraat Participation Bank External Guarantee

​General Information

External Guarantee is an irrevocable payment obligation committing that, upon the demand of the client, it will be paid by the bank in case of failure of commitment of the bank addressing the respondents abroad and commitment of the client addressing the respondent (upon the declaration of the warrantee of this matter).

While considering the sufficiency of the contents of your guarantee in your commercial transactions concerning abroad, trust Ziraat Participation Bank for the preparation of all external guarantees that you will need such as advances, definite letters of guarantee and tender guarantees.


External Guarantees are guarantee contracts given by the banks to the related institution for the benefit of natural and legal entities in the country and abroad involving the commitments of the delivery of a good, the completion of a work or a project or the payment of a debt etc. and the commitment of conditional or unconditional payment of the amount of the letter in case of failure of the fulfillment of an action.

Who can take advantage of this product?

The clients in the Corporate and Entrepreneur segments.


The term is determined freely by the exporter and the importer without any time limitations.

Product Features:

  • Guarantor: The party that issues the letter of bank guarantee
  • Beneficiary: The party whose action is under guarantee
  • Drawee: The party who is guaranteed
  • Counter guarantor: The party that provides counter guarantee

How can I apply?

You can apply by visiting the nearest Ziraat Participation Branch.