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Acceptance - Endorsement

 Ziraat Participation Bank Acceptance/Endorsement Financing

​​General Information

Policy is a payment order made by the drawer to the drawee which consists of a certain amount of payment demand in a certain period or on-demand to the third party or to one’s own order. In principle, there are three persons in the policy. The person preparing the policy is called the drawer, the debtor is called the drawee and the person to whom the amount will be paid is called the beneficiary. It is possible that the drawer and the beneficiary are the same persons. In this case, the seller is both the drawer and the beneficiary and the importer is the drawee.

It is possible that policies are accepted by banks, by correspondents as per the instruction given by these banks or by importers in case of importing with acceptance financing. In order for the banks to have a payment commitment, the policies prepared by the seller should be accepted directly by the bank of the importer or by the foreign correspondent as per the instructions given by the bank or the policies accepted by the importer should be given surety by the bank (unconditional and irrevocable guarantee). Thus, the bank will have no obligation in case the policy is accepted only by the importer. If the policy is prepared in the name of the importer, it will be first accepted by the importer and then the policy will be given surety by the bank.


It enables the importing companies to have deferred payment financing and the exporting companies to have early financing.

In cases when the importer would like to pay the price of the good in deferred payment and the exporter asks for a guarantee from the bank of the importer that the payment of the amount of the good will be done at the end of the term, the Acceptance/Endorsement Loan is a product enabling the importing company to make the payment on the date agreed upon with the seller and written in the policy, following the acceptance of the goods.

Who can take advantage of this product?

All of our exporting and importing clients.


The term is determined freely by the exporter and the importer without any time limitations.

Product Features

  • The policy issued by the exporter is given surety by the bank of the importer following the acceptance of the importer. Thus, the exporting company has the assurance of a bank for the payment and the importing company has the opportunity to sell the good by obtaining customs clearance without paying the cost.
  • The transactions with letter of credit, cash against documents or cash against goods may be attached on the policy.
  • The payment is done within the payment term written in the policy.
  • It is possible that the bill is given surety within the framework of the principles that the policy is subject to.

How can I apply?

You can apply by visiting the nearest Ziraat Participation Branch.