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Bank Cheque Book

 Ziraat Participation Bank Cheque Book

​​General Information

If you prefer to meet your good and service purchases and other fixed term payments using cheques, a cheque book connected to your current account and featuring the name of your company is right for you.


For payments to be easier, faster and for a record of the transactions made, to ease and speed money flows and reduce the risk of losing money.

Who Can Benefit From This Product?

All of our Corporate and Entrepreneurial segment customers.

Product Features

  • Printed as 10 Leaf, 25 Leaf and Continuous form (100 or 500 Leaf - Continuous Cheque).
  • Cheques can be paid out within the timeframe they are drawn and within the submittal period.​

How Can I Apply?

You can apply at your nearest Ziraat Participation Bank Branch.