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Letters Of Reference


​​​​​General Information

The reference letters are documents that are issued by Banks addressing the local and foreign companies, offices and institutes about our Bank’s clients and providing information on approved loans, used and available parts of such approved loan as well as the status of their participation fund (private checking account/participation account) accounts.

In this respect; upon request, a reference letter is issued for the benefit of clients who have an approved loan in our Bank, provided that it stays within the credit limits.


Reference Letters can be issued in TL or FX (Foreign Currency) in order to allow the respondent institution to evaluate the credibility of the client at our Bank. Reference Letters are documents that are prepared to declare the credits of the contractor companies at our Bank who are willing to participate in the tender bids initiated by public institutions, and they do not include any payment commitment on our Bank’s part.

Who can take advantage of this product?

All our Corporate and Entrepreneur segment customers.


There are no terms.

Product Features

Letter of Intent in the banking transactions is a document that gives the impression of seriousness to its addressee regarding the financing of a particular project by the bank that issued this letter, in the event that specific conditions that are stated in it are met.

How Can I Apply?

You can get your reference letter that shows the used/unused cash and non-cash limit status which can be used as cash reserve by visiting the nearest Ziraat Participation Branch.