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Profit and Loss Partnership Investment Financing

 Ziraat Participation Bank Profit and Loss Partnership Investment Financing

​​General Information

Funds for use of our bank to join in the profit or loss of certain p​​rojects belonging to real or corporate persons. If the project offer is found attractive, our Bank will provide capital for the customer’s labor and experience. The profit will be shared in a preagreed ratio between the Bank and Customer.


To use funds to join in the profit or loss of persons real or corporate who will use funds for all their activities or a certain activity, or else the trading of the goods of a certain party. The projects, which can take place in a number of sectors, will be examined by our Bank, and projects that are found attractive will be financed for profit and loss participation ratios that will be made clear from the start.

Who Can Benefit From This Product?

All our customers in the Corporate and Entrepreneurial segments.


To be agreed on a project basis.

Product Details

  • Our clients who use loans can borrow with predefined terms and profit shares.
  • Our clients pay their debt at predefined periods in predefined installments.

Payment Options

Ziraat Participation Bank Profit and Loss Partnership Investment Financing allows the following payment options:

  • Principal with Equal Installments
  • Principal with Open Installments
  • Equal Installments, Decreasing Installments
  • Increasing Installments
  • Periodical Interim Payments
  • Variable Interim Payments
  • Open Interim Payments
  • Profit Share Payments at Specific Times
  • No Payments at a Specific Time
  • Equal Installments with Open Payment Times

Which Documents Are Needed?

In addition to the standard documents required when making an application for trade financing, you must provide documents regarding your project.

How Can I Apply?

You can apply at your nearest Ziraat Participation Bank Branch.