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Exchange Financing

 We support your exports!

​​​General Information

To be able to meet their financing needs at the export preparation stage with flexible payment terms at a suitable profit share, we are at the service of our clients who export.


To meet the financing needs of export-oriented manufacturing firms at the stages of manufacturing exports.

Who Can Benefit From This Product?

All our clients who are exporters or sales and delivery companies who could be considered exporters and engaged in activities where they gain foreign exchange.


There are no term limits on usage, although the exports must be guaranteed to be carried out within a 24 month limit.

Product Details

  • Our clients who use loans can borrow with predefined terms and profit shares.
  • Our clients pay their debt at predefined periods in predefined installments.
  • After the 24 month export guarantee term expires, on top of the profit shares, the Banking and Insurance Transaction Tax will be added.

Payment Options

Ziraat Participation Bank Exchange Financing allows the following payment options:

  • Principal with Equal Installments
  • Principal with Open Installments
  • Equal Installments,
  • Decreasing Installments
  • Increasing Installments
  • Periodical Interim Payments
  • Variable Interim Payments
  • Open Interim Payments
  • Profit Share Payments at Specific Times
  • No Payments at a Specific Time
  • Equal Installments with Open Payment Times

Which Documents Are Needed?

You can apply with the standard documents requested for trade financing applications.

How Can I Apply?

You can apply at your nearest Ziraat Participation Bank Branch.