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Eximbank-Based Export Financing


​​In order to promote the exports, it is provided in USD, EUR and TL through the banks by the Export Credit Bank of Turkey (EXIMBANK). It is provided to the exporting companies in return for the certain export and commitment of the Turkish origin goods, determined by Eximbank in the preparation phase for export.
It has a price advantage against the other export credits provided by the banks.

Customer Group

All our customers in the corporate and entrepreneur​ section can benefit from this credit.


  • USD: The maximum credit usage maturity to be provided by our bank is 360 days.
  • EUR: The maximum credit usage maturity to be provided by our bank is 360 days.
  • TL: The maximum credit usage maturities to be provided by our bank are 120, 180 and 360 days.
  • Note: The credit maturity and installments are determined by Eximbank and they may vary.  
  • The credit shall be provided as the credit with export commitment.
  • In case that the financing is paid in part or whole before the maturity, the original financing maturity shall be taken as a basis in closing the export commitments.  
  • The credit is provided at the rate notified by Eximbank.


The credit is provided with the guarantee specified under the credit allocation conditions.

How can I apply?

You can visit the nearest Ziraat Katılım branch to make your application.