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Foreign Exchange Indexed Financing

 I have no need for export loans but I get financing from my bank!

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​General Information

Loans furnished for all kinds of commercial activities of companies that do not utilize foreign-currency financing but possess the capacity to generate foreign exchange indexed income and/or income in foreign exchange.

It is a loan for which the companies are debited in foreign exchange without requiring export commitments, however the loan is used in Turkish Liras, and the risk is monitored in foreign exchange.

BITT deduction is applied according to the valid rates in terms of the total of accrued profit share to the loan and the exchange differences during periods of profit share accrual and payment.

Foreign Exchange Indexed Loans can be used in the financing of all types of commercial transaction regardless of the area of activity. In this scope, the Foreign Exchange Indexed Financing will be provided to the requesting companies that want to use a foreign exchange loan domestically, and in particular distributor importers that generally sell and manage cash flow in foreign exchange, without looking for any incentive or export commitment.


Aside from the Foreign Exchange Indexed Financing and exporter clients, this aims to provide financial support without currency exchange risk for our clients who are not exporters but who want to take a risk in foreign exchange.

Who Can Benefit From This Product?

All of our Corporate and Entrepreneurial segment customers.


We offer payment terms tailored to your needs.

Product Details

  • Repayments and profit shares are calculated according to foreign exchange rates and collected in Turkish Liras.
  • The Foreign Exchange Indexed Financing will not be paid off by bank transfers, in any way, from the DTH. In such cases, they will be bought effectively or over our Bank’s buying rate of exchange, and the loan shall be paid off in their TRY correspondence in the amount that will be determined according to our Bank’s selling rate of exchange.
  • The Foreign Exchange Indexed Financing can be granted in appropriate terms for cash flow, to companies that are considered productive by our Bank, with market reputation, experience, as well as high moral and loan value.
  • This loan can only be granted in Euros (EUR) or American Dollars (USD). The loan limit is furnished in Turkish Liras. Aside from the Turkish Lira amount that is to be furnished, the foreign exchange to be indexed to is also indicated.
  • On the payment day, the capital exchange difference BITT will be charged to the client.

How Can I Apply?

​You can apply at your nearest Ziraat Participation Bank Branch.