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Exchange Financing

 We support your exports!

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​General Information

These are loans that are granted in the financing of exports, sales and deliveries that are considered exports, as well as activities and transactions that generate foreign exchange income, and they should be paid off with the returns obtained from these activities.

Foreign Exchange Loans are exempted from the Tax, Duties and Charges, and Resource Utilization Support Fund, as per the C.B.T.’s Circulars on Capital Movements and Export Promotion Legislation. In the event of partial or full failure to fulfil the commitment, deductions are made in line with sanctions according to the level of failure of fulfillment.


Gaining advantage by allowing tax, duties and charges and fund (RUSF) exemptions provided that the export commitment is fulfilled, while catering to financial needs during the period of preparation of companies manufacturing goods for export, manufacturers-exporters, and exporters.

Who Can Benefit From This Product?

All our clients who are exporters or sales and delivery companies who could be considered exporters and engaged in activities where they generate revenues in foreign exchange.


We offer payment terms tailored to your needs.

Product Details

  • Our clients who use loans can borrow with predefined terms and profit shares.
  • Our clients pay their debt at predefined periods in predefined installments.
  • After the 24 months export guarantee term expires, on top of the profit shares, the Banking and Insurance Transaction Tax will be added.
  • Ziraat Participation Bank Exchange Financing allows the following payment options: Principal Amount with Equal Installments, Principal Amount with Undefinite Installment Dates, Equal Installments, Decreasing Installments, Increasing Installments, Periodical Interim Payments, Variable Interim Payments, Undefinite Interim Payments, Dividend Payments for a Specific Times, No Payments for a Specific Time, Equal Installments with Undefinite Payment Dates.

How Can I Apply?

​You can apply at your nearest Ziraat Participation Bank Branch.