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KOSGEB (Small and Medium Enterprise Development) Financing

 Ziraat Participation Bank KOSGEB (Small and Medium Enterprise Development) Financing

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​General Information

In meeting with the nation’s economic and social needs, to increase the share and effectiveness of the small and middle sized businesses, to improve their competition power and level, and ensure integration in the industry happens in accordance with the economic developments, KOSGEB supported financing is mediated (KOSGEB is founded by the Directorate of the Small and Middle Sized Businesses Development and Support Administration).


  • Utilization of the current KOSGEB support by SMEs with low project planning capacity, and SMEs in the sector that are newly included in the KOSGEB target market.
  • Ensuring SMEs produce quality and efficient goods/services
  • Revising the current KOSGEB support so that more SMEs frequently benefit from this support.
  • Encouragement of general business development activities in order to increase the competitive power and level of SMEs
  • Providing clients with financing within the scope of the protocol signed with KOSGEB who provides the SMEs with profit share support in order to increase SMEs’ domestic and foreign market shares, and to develop their promotion and marketing activities.

Who Can Benefit From This Product?

All of our Entrepreneurial segment customers.


Decided according to the Protocol to be signed with

Product Details

  • Our clients who use loans can borrow with predefined terms and profit shares.
  • Our clients pay their debt at predefined periods in predefined installments.
  • The profit share ratios will be decided according to a Protocol to be signed between the Banks and KOSGEB.
  • The payment options will be decided according to the Protocol to be signed with KOSGEB.

How Can I Apply?

You can apply at your nearest Ziraat Participation Bank Branch.