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Foreign Currency Finance



This is provided to the companies which engage in the sales and deliveries considered as the import or export and also the foreign exchange earning activities subject to the fulfillment of export commitment. In case of the fulfilment of export commitment, there are tax, duty, charge and fund (TDCF) exemptions.

Who can benefit from this financing product?

All our customers in the corporate and entrepreneur section can benefit from this financing product.


Ziraat Katılım provides the most appropriate maturity options to its customers.


The maturity of export commitment is 24 months. When the companies meet 50% of their export commitments, they can extend the commitment period concerning the financing for six months.  The Banking and Insurance Transaction Tax (BITT) will be collected over the profit share after 24 months (the exemption of BITT is limited to 24 months). The exchange difference is not reflected. Pursuant to the Law regarding the Protection of the Value of Turkish Currency, there is an obligation to pay the relevant financing in Turkish Lira except for some exemptions.  

What are the necessary documents?

You can make your application with the standard documents requested in the commercial credit applications. 

How can I apply?

You can visit the nearest Ziraat Katılım branch to make your application.