KGF Secured Work Continuation Financing

Ticari İşe Alım Finansmanı

What is KGF Secured Work Continuation Financing Support?

It is the financing package that provides KGF secured financing opportunity within the framework of the Treasury Supported Surety System in order to finance the basic needs of our bank’s legal customers directly or indirectly affected by the outbreak, that will positively affect their economic activities, within the scope of measures taken against possible disruptions in economic and commercial activities that may occur due to the coronavirus epidemics spreading to many countries, including our country and threatening public health globally.

Why should I use KGF Secured Work Continuation Financing Support?

It enables our customers, who are affected by the epidemics that threatens public health globally, to be financed under appropriate conditions.

  • A financing of maximum 12,500,000 TL for a turnover of up to 25 Million TL, a maximum of 62,500,000 TL for a turnover in the range of 25-125 Million TL, and a maximum of 125,000,000 TL for a turnover above can be provided.
  • Treasury supported CGF guarantee will be provided to our customers for financing with an annual profit rate of 7.5%.
  • Its maturity can be up to 36 months, with a maximum grace period of 6 months.
  • There is a condition to maintain the number of registered employees as of the end of February 2020.
  • Businesses affected by the COVID-19 epidemics will be provided with CGF guaranteed credit support to meet their working capital needs and maintain their employment level.
  • Treasury supported CGF guarantee is provided to our customers with a financing with low profit rate.
  • The guarantee problems of the companies that have financing needs and guarantee problems are eliminated.

Channels Through Which Application for KGF Secured Work Continuation Financing Support can be Made?

Documents Required to Receive KGF Secured Work Continuation Financing Support

You can get detailed information from our nearest branch.