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Residential Account


General Information

Have a State Subsidized Residential Account from Ziraat Katılım. When you buy your first home by saving money for 3 years, amount of money as maximum %20 will be added to your account as state subsidy and bonus.

Who can be benefited from State Subsidized Residential Account?

  • Turkish citizens or Turkish citizen natural person customers can open this account, except the ones involved to group as per 28th article of Turkish Citizenship Law with 5901 number and 29.05.2009 date.
  • In order the customer to obtain the right of having State subsidy, the person needs to be Turkish citizen and should not have any kind of Property ownership, Easement or rent another dwelling by 07.04.2015 date.
  • Until the date of housing, there should be regular payment made to relevant bank account for minimum 3 years.
  • Residential Account can be applied for adults over than 18 ages, for the ones under 18, there can be a residential account opened by parent or guardian in name of them.
  • Nature of the matter that is subject to the State's subsidy:

  • Housings with residential condominium.
  • Housings with construction servitude registry and occupancy permit.
  • Independent real estate with residential building permits for housing.
  • There is no State subsidy paid for timeshare housings.


  • There can be no residential account opened for people who has property ownership, construction servitude and private land owners with residential building permits on the date of opening of account.
  • Residential Account can only be in Turkish Lira currency. A customer cannot have more than one residential account. Residential account cannot be transferred between banks. There will be no communal residential account opened.
  • Residential Account can be opened only in Turkish lira denominated. More than one Residential Account can not be opened for a customer. Residential Accounts can’t be moved between banks. Joint Residential Accounts can’t be opened.
  • Maximum amount of State subsidy and range of regular payments will be increased as per evaluation ratio in each year in accordance with Tax Procedure Law with 213 number and 04.01.1961 date.
  • In addition to regular payments, with the condition of not exceeding upper limit, money can be deposited to account anytime desired.
  • In addition to regular payments, money can be deposited to the account at any time provided that, not to exceed the upper limit.
  • With the condition of not paying less than lower limit, there can be withdrawal for 2 times from collected money.

How can I apply?

Go to closest Ziraat Katılım Branch for application.

Click here to view Frequently Asked Questions.