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Mobile Banking


We are in your employ with our new Mobile Banking application designed to make your banking transactions from your mobile, in the comfort of your computer.

  • You can make all your banking transactions fast and secure by Participation Mobile from anywhere with internet access.
  • All the transactions you perform with Participation Mobile are free.

How Can I Use Participation Mobile?

To benefit from Participation Mobile,
If you are our client, you require to fill out and sign the Internet Branch Application Form by making the application at our Branch with your personal identification number where your account is stood.

You can follow your market and our Bank data, follow your account movements, make your EFT and Money transfer transactions with money transfers options and and pay your bills with Participation Mobile at any time and anywhere you like. You can make easy and simple transactions with its user-friendly interface and simple process steps.

Enhanced Transaction Set

You can meet many banking needs in detail of internet banking with the enhanced transaction set.

Opening Screen

  • You can instantly be connected with our digital and social platforms and instantly be informed of our products and services.
  • With the application of "Nearest Ziraat Participation", you can easily reach to all branch and ATM locations and get directions if needed.
  • You can access our bank and market data instantly.
  • You may perform Profit Share Calculation by Calculation Instruments.

Accordion Transaction Screens

  • Thanks to its accordion structure, you can do your transactions on one screen without having to scroll through the pages.
  • You can do make quick and easy transactions with simplified processing steps, completed in just three steps.

Click to see the list of transactions you can do with Participation Mobile.

  • Open an Account Instantly
  • The Closest Branch
  • Financial Data
  • Calculation Instruments (Profit Share Calculation)
  • Communication Center
  • Social Media
  • Account List
  • Account Information (Abstract)
  • Opening Current Account
  • Opening Participation Account
  • Account Movements
  • My Assets
  • My Cash Flow (My Latest Payments)
  • Inter Account Transfer (IAT)
  • Money Transfer to an Account (to a Third Person)
  • Money Transfer by IBAN Number
  • Money Transfer to Name
  • Recorded Transfer List
  • EFT to an Account
  • EFT by IBAN
  • EFT BY Name
  • EFT to Credit Card
  • Recorded EFT List
  • Record Entry
  • Edit Records
  • My Orders
  • Forex Buying
  • Forex Selling
  • Rate of Exchange Monitoring
  • Gold Buying
  • Gold Selling
  • Gold Price Monitoring
  • Invoice Transactions
  • Mobile Banking Password Change

For Frequently Asked Questions about Participation Mobile, please click

You can download the Participation Mobile free of charge to your phone, as well as carrying out your transactions with Internet Banking password with Ziraat Participation customer number or Turkish identity card number.

You can download our Participation Mobile app using one of the methods below.

1- By scanning the following QR code on your mobile phone

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​  ​

You can download the IOS-based application to your phone right away with the QR code.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​  ​

You can download the Android-based application to your phone right away with the QR code.

​​ ​​

2- You can search and download our application "Ziraat Katılım Mobile" in your phone's application store or download by clicking on the following App store or Google Play store link.


The internet connection required to use the Participation Mobile will be charged from the data package price list specified by your operator.